Sunday, April 13

Bout time?

I think it's about time I actually made a post on my poor neglected blog don't you? *Sorry bloggie* Life has been a little crazy lately. I'm settled into my job as being a call centre lackey, it's dull but I guess there are far worse jobs in life.. It's nice to be doing the normal thing of going out to work for a living. Hopefully I'll be able to find a better job at some point but everything else is a little crazy right now so I'm not even looking yet.
Chris and I decided to start casually looking at houses to buy having agreed that it was time to actually get ourselves on the property ladder no matter how painful it might be. Then two weeks later we were sorting out a mortgage having had an offer accepted.. I'm still not quite sure how it happened so fast. Anyhoo every day I get home to find another pile of forms to fill out and send back or another list of people I need to call. At the moment it seems endless but at least we are the end of the chain. I haven't even begun to think about the huge task of packing yet.. I'm sure we still have a couple of boxes still not unpacked from when we moved here last summer. I'm going to need gardening tips too as although it's a small garden it's been vandalised by the rabbit who currently lives in there.
I haven't been up to as much knitting as I would have liked lately, being shouted at by upset people who failed their driving test all day sometimes just makes me want to blow stuff up in World of Warcraft rather than knit on an evening!
Lastly can anyone who reads this send some positive thinking to my Uncle who was recently diagnosed with cancer, it may look bleak but keep on fighting Bill!