Monday, July 2

And now for the haul..

Well we didn't have the glorious weather we had hoped for but luckily Woolfest wasn't a complete wash-out. I didn't stay for the full weekend as planned but that didn't stop me shopping till I dropped on the Friday. So I present you with my Woolfest haul 2007!

First up is a natural dye starter kit from DT Craft and Design. The kit contains everything I need to get me started with my own yarn dyeing, something Ive been wanting to try for a while.

Of course the kit was lacking one vital thing.. un-dyed yarn! Good job I was surrounded by plenty of stalls to buy some at. So on a lengthy visit to UK Alpaca's stall I picked this yarn up.

While I was there I found it incredibly difficult to resist the lure of this Baby Alpaca roving.. its so soft you would think it was silk. It truly is incredibly soft stuff!

I also picked up a few of the lesser common shades of Koolaid to have a play with (also from DT Craft and Design).

A visit to the Button Lady or as she referred to it 'the ooh ahh stand' was next on the cards. I have no idea what I will use these buttons for but I loved them and I don't have a button stash to speak of so I figured it was about time I started one!

This yarn was a bit of an impulse buy, it's Chris's favorite colour so I instantly thought I could use it to make him something. Its also a blend of baby alpaca and cotton so its a very nice texture.
Last but by no means least is the token raw fleece, I cant go to a place like Woolfest and not come back with a fleece! This time I picked out a steely grey Alpaca fleece from UK Alpaca (have you noticed a theme yet?).

So that's it, my Woolfest haul. Roll on Woolfest 2008!


Ganainm said...

Nice haul you have there! Are the buttons wooden? They're really pretty.

pinkphish said...

Looks like you are going to be dying and spinning your little socks off. The button lady was a legend wasn't she.
Sorry I didn't get to spend much time with you at the show. See you soon I hope. Need to come and see your new gaff!