Wednesday, June 27

Off to Woolfest!

Its been a really hectic few weeks, we moved flat which was stressful but I love the new place. Then en-route to Ikea to pick up some odds and ends I had a small car accident. A lady had stopped at some traffic lights despite the fact they were green and the very wet road combined with the fact I was travelling downhill meant I skidded into her rear..
Her car is fine.. My car took the long walk to the scrapyard *sob*. It was mostly bodywork damage but the car wasn't worth the cost of the repairs. So after a manic weekend and a loan from my grandad I picked up a new little car. Its a lovely little car and I'll be taking it on it's very first jaunt over to WOOLFEST!

I'm heading over there with fellow Newcastle based knitbloggers tomorrow afternoon and we're staying at the Graysonside Campsite. So if you too are staying there and I know there are a few out there, stop by and say hello!

Tuesday, June 5

Quick Update

We've found a flat to move to! Just waiting for checks to go through before we can get the keys. Now I just have to pack everything up.. ergh! The new flat is much bigger.. more space for wool!
Thankyou for all the kind comments regarding the landlord issues, we finally managed to get through to the landlord and have things pretty much sorted. The old landlord claims he had his solicitor put down in writing that we were to remain tenants.. so im not sure where the communication breakdown happened but someone definately dropped the ball. Anyhow, he is returning to us the bond plus the extra rent that went out to him before we knew the property had been sold. Meanwhile we keep fobbing off the new landlords until we have the money back and the keys to the new place.. Squatters rights!

In amongst this I havent done much knitting, im afraid the blog will most likely become very neglected for a few weeks while we sort things ready to move.. then actually move.. then unpack.