Friday, May 18

Im having a bad week

Emily Hart --


A person who falls into an outhouse and dies

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

That kind of sums it up really doesnt it..

Last week Chris and I were all excited because a regrading system at the university meant he was getting a payrise. The regrading has been rejected by the academics and is now under negotiation once more. This may mean he doesnt get any more money after all.

A while back our landlord informed us that he was selling our flat but that he would ensure we could remain tenants. We had two seperate people come and visit to measure up the flat for various reasons.. neither of which were very helpful about informing us what was going on in this sale. Earlier in the week I was sat in the flat when I heard a key rattling around in the lock on my front door. I was a little perplexed and assumed it was Chris home early from work for some reason and was having trouble with his keys. So I went to the door and found a strange man trying to let himself into my flat. Further more this man seemed totally shocked to see me on the other side of the door. His company had bought the flat and had not been told there were tenants already in it (thankyou mr landlord). In fact someone had been around earlier in the day and had put up a to-let sign outside! The old landlord has our deposit and isnt returning any calls or answering his mobile or responding to voice messages we are leaving. There is a whole load of faff to sort out with the new landlords and we're left feeling very lost and clueless. Its left us with a stronger desire to get the hell out of this place so we're starting to look elsewhere for places to rent closer to Chris's work.

With all this carry on I have neglected blogging and I have been meaning to post a pic of the lovely goodies my Knitters Treat Exchange pal sent me. It was lovely to receive this , thankyou so much! The chocs didnt last long at all but I still have some of the maple candy, its so sweet I think i'd be very ill if I tried to eat it all at once. The homemade stitch markers are gorgeous and I love your choice of yarn.

Izzy preferred the box that it all came in.. (I promise she went in there all one her own I didn't force her to sit in a box for the sake of a cute picture) All my cats seem to like sitting in boxes despite us owning three comfy kitty beds tailor made for them.

Sorry for the lack of knitting posts lately, I haven't been doing huge amounts of knitting this week so I dont really have anything exciting to blog about. Perhaps by next week I will have some finished socks to show you, i'm happily trucking away at them and am midway down the foot on sock number two.