Friday, April 13

Little feet, Big feet

Thanks to those who sent well wishes, I'm feeling tons better now that the cold is out of my system. Big waves to my KTE spoiler, thank you for getting in touch!

So I finally got my arse into gear and I can show you the cute lil booties I made for Isabella and was very chuffed to see her modelling them although I didn't have my camera to photograph that. So here they are:

The pattern was in an issue of Simply Knitting although it's actually a Debbie Bliss pattern, I have no idea if it's in one of her books or not. The yarn is Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino and I added the little ribbon just to make them look extra pretty.

Onto the big feet, my feet! I'm cursed with UK size 8 feet which not only makes getting nice shoes a tad difficult it makes sock knitting a bit of a chore. Ive knit two pairs of socks so far and both were gifts for other people so these are for me! all mine!

I'm using socks that rock yarn in the colourway Covelite. So far there is only one sock finished but I have started the second one after undergoing a brief phase of 'Second Sock Syndrome' .

Under the careful tuition of my lovely knitting pals Lucy and Hannah I finally managed to crochet! So I present to you, my first ever successful attempt at a granny square! I was using a slightly smaller hook than I should have been with this yarn but I only own two or three hooks that were left to me by my grandma. I fear some shopping may be in order!

I feel very clumsy when I'm crocheting, the whole process seems very strange right now but when I recall learning to knit for the first time I know I went through exactly the same experience. I still remember sitting knitting in my room as a child and trooping down the stairs every ten minutes with a dropped stitch for my mother to fix. This often resulted in her sliding the whole thing of the needles and re-knitting all the stitches i had done over the past hour in a matter of minutes.


littlelixie said...

Crochet takes some getting used to after the sheer brilliance of knitting! I love the booties - very very cute!

pinkphish said...

Your granny square looks great! You picked it up much faster than me. The good thing about crochet is that it's so easy to rip back and do a part over.
When I was first knitting the idea of taking the stitches off the needles filled me terror. I would spend an hour tinking back 10 rows just to keep the work on the needles.
You'll have to come around again soon for more knitting/crochet in the garden. It might even be warm next time!

roseygirl said...

I love the Baby Booties, Debbie Bliss patterns always turn out so perfect. :)