Monday, April 23

Baby Grannies

Hello! to anyone who has found their way over to my blog through the latest issue of 'Knitting' magazine. What a huge shock it was to see my little blog being reviewed! It was such a lovely review too so huge thanks to the author of that article if she is still reading my blog.

Ive been working on my granny square technique and I'm rather proud of myself for whipping these little beauties up:

Ive been making them with Debbie Bliss' Baby Cashmerino because it was the perfect weight for the hook I have and I had several balls as leftovers from baby projects. So this may in itself become a baby project if I ever make enough squares to make a blanket. I'm just enjoying making them at the moment so I'll keep going until the novelty wears off or I run out of yarn, whichever happens first (who am I kidding, I never run out of yarn!)

The article in 'knitting' referred to my love of cats and in particular the photos of my girls (Molly and Izzy) which made me feel bad about poor Scooter. I clearly don't get him featured on the blog enough so here he is on his own. I found it difficult to get a cute pic of him as he isn't the most photogenic cat in the world, bless him. He was our first cat, picked up from a shelter at the age of about 6 months and he is about 6 years old now I think. He is definitely Chris's cat though, every afternoon he sits at the top of the stairs waiting for his 'daddy' to come home but ignores any attention I try to give him. I don't mind though, my girls love me.. sometimes.


Impressionist said...

Aww, bless. Jackson is a real daddy's cat too. He hates me, even though it was ME who rescued him from the cat shelter all those years ago! See you tonight for Wii...

Anonymous said...

Hello there Knitter's Treatee :)
Congrats on the blog review. I'll have to see if I can get that copy!

By the way, your main package is on it's way to you. One more small package coming in a bit :)