Saturday, March 24

Entrelacking good!

Well as ever, I haven't learnt my lesson.. I switched down from 5.5mm to 4.5mm needles and knit the largest size thinking it would end up a tad smaller because of the needle shift. When will I learn to knit tension squares? possibly never. So anyway I soon realised that my cushion was definitely far wider than the 18" stated in the pattern so rather than frog the lot I decided to fold it in half and make it a dinky cushion. Meaning the entrelac pattern was on both sides of it rather than just the front. Here is a pic of the blocking so you can see length of the beast.

One other thing I should mention about the pattern was the number of cast on stitches seemed to be wrong.. at least I'm not sure how it was supposed to work if it was right. I couldn't understand how it would work unless the cast on stitches were a multiple of 6 which they aren't in the pattern so I made a change there and it worked out perfectly.

Izzy allowed me to use her as a size comparison for this pic of the finished item. I fastened the edges at the back with 3 buttons (sorry I neglected to take a photo of that) so that the insert could be removed when it needs a wash.
I'm really quite pleased with the end result and I found the entrelac technique really quite good fun and in a strange way it has lessened my hatred of picking up stitches (who knew that would ever happen?)
Here's a closer view of the detail, ignore the blurry moggy in the corner.

It's Chris birthday on Monday, I spent my entire week trying to hunt down a Nintendo Wii (games console) for him. Typically I decide to buy him something which no shops anywhere have in stock! After finally admitting defeat and telling him my plans had fallen through (and me feeling awful for not having a gift for him) I hit a stroke of luck! I found a 2nd hand console on Ebay and the person just so happens to live nearby so I'm collecting it and will have it in time for his birthday! phew!


Steph said...

Very nice cushion - beautiful colours. Well done!

Kat said...

The colours are wonderful, warm for winter yet bright for summer, you've done a fab job!

Sharon said...

Wow, that is amazing! I too love the color selection. I will have to try my hand at entrelac someday.

Ganainm said...

Lucky man, just make sure you chain the console to his wrist ;)

Love the cushion! Entrelac is one of those techniques I want to try soon but I need to wade through my current projects first.

roseygirl said...

What a pretty cat(I love cats) I haven't stopped by in a a while so I wanted to drop in and say HELLO. :)