Sunday, March 4

Another Spinning Saturday..

When I bought my spinning wheel second hand on Ebay it only came with two bobbins making plying any yarn a bit difficult. So I invested in a couple of extra bobbins and decided to have a play this weekend. I pulled out the Natural Alpaca fibre I bought at Woolfest last year (drool). Ive been saving this fibre for when I felt I was skilled enough with my wheel to do it justice. I probably didn't do the best job in the world but there is something about producing the yarn yourself that makes you love it no matter how random it turns out. So here it is laying next to the gorgeous deep red merino/silk blend I showed you from last weeks spinning sesh.

And here is what the Alpaca looks like when you bury your nose in it.. should you feel the urge.

I keep laying them together thinking how nice they would be knitted up together but there is also a side of me that is eager to play with dyeing the alpaca. I still have several lumps of the Alpaca fibre to spin up but it's lovely to spin with. I think I'll definitely be investing in more Alpaca on this years visit to Woolfest.

No pics to blog about on the knitting front, I feel like I'm taking two steps forward one step back with the Juno cardigan. I had to frog the front that I was almost finished with because I suddenly realised I had far fewer stitches than I should have had. In frustration I decided to cast a sleeve on instead. The pattern for the sleeve stated to keep increasing every 10 rows till I had x amount of stitches. I reached that amount and checked the pattern which said to knit straight until I have 47 cm worth of sleeve.. So I pulled out my tape measure to see how far I had to go only to find I had 51cm already. hmmm.. Careful checking and rechecking ensued and I simply cant see any mistake in my increases. In the end I got so frustrated I just finished the sleeve as it was despite the extra inch and perhaps I will see what happened when I do the other sleeve. By that point I might be in a better mood to frog the damn thing and start over. If it turns out exactly the same then I will have to assume it is the awesome power of the knitting gods telling me this particular jumper looks better with slightly longer sleeves.. (please just humour me)



Michaela has a theory that everything that goes wrong this week is due to Mercury. Get her to tell you about it tomorrow!

Flossie said...

Hi Emily,

It's more likely to be that your tension is ever so slightly off than that you've made a mistake with the pattern. Don't worry about it!!

SO good to have you back blogging again.

Alice x

Ganainm said...

The alpaca looks really soft and squishy, I have some stashed away to try when I get a little more skilled.