Saturday, February 24

Spinning Saturday

I spent my Saturday afternoon spinning up the gorgeous merino/silk fibre Spinning Fishwife sent me a while back to cheer me up. So I thought I would share the results with you. It was a delight to spin with, so soft! I must say I'm still not particularly skilled in the art of keeping my spun yarn at the same level of thickness throughout. However im still rather pleased with the end result and looking forward to knitting it up into something!

The girls had a rather lazier afternoon making a nest out of my many throws on the sofa.. It brings a smile to my face to see them getting along so well though.


The Knit Nurse said...

Oooh! Lovely, shiney new blog. Nice looking yarn too. :)

Ganainm said...

Pretty yarn and pretty kitties. Nice to see you blogging again too :)

Spinningfishwife said...

Your spinning looks great! Glad you liked the fibre. :-)