Friday, February 23

Knitting weekend by the coast

Well I battled with my digital camera and PC in an effort for them to acknowledge the others existence to no avail.. So I asked Izzy to have a word with them.. I mean seriously, would you argue with that face?

So I can finally present you with a few pics of the beautiful English coast in all it's glory, enjoy!

The beautiful coast of Beadnell

Frobisher enjoyed an attempt at sand castle building with a little bit of help from Glenda

Everyone enjoying the fresh air

Apparently this is what pregnancy does to women.. makes them insane enough to go for a paddle in the North sea!

Of course the majority of our spare time was used endulging in our favourite past time

I ate far too much of some fantastic food, blew some cobwebs away in the freshest of air, enjoyed fabulous company and had a thoroughly good knit and natter. Just what the doctor ordered!


Nickerjac said...

Looks like you had a wondderful time and what great views x

Nicola said...

Ah, nostalgia, I went on a couple of camping holidays to Beadnell with my parents when I was a kid. Fond memories. Lucky you for living close enough to visit easily.