Thursday, February 22

I know I know.. Im a bad blogger

Sorry it's been a while since I last posted!
Things are getting much more on track for me these days and im definately feeling more positive so I guess ive been getting out and about alot more which is why there has been a distinct lack of blogging!
I was hoping to show off some lovely photos of my recent trip to Beadnell with fellow knitters but I tried connecting my camera to my pc and it simply doesnt want to play. Darling bf has been fiddling with it while I went away (scowl). So if you are interested to see my knitting weekend antics you can hop over to Purlpower and see some pics there. Until I can persuade my pc that the digital camera I connected to it does in fact exist!

So in a life update, ive signed up for an ICS home learning course in small animal care. Ive been enjoying my time volunteering at the shelter so much that ive decided to try and improve my knowledge. This is the first time ive signed up for a home learning course so i'd love to hear from anyone out there that has done one before, good and bad!

And in knittting news... im knitting this!

Limited progress so far, the back is done and im almost finished with one of the fronts. Reminding myself of how lovely it will look when it is finished is the only thing that stops the constant 2x2 rib from driving me crazy. I'll be sure to show you my actual progress along with a few FO's when the camera problem is sorted!

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