Thursday, November 30

I win!

Well I finally got my own way! muwahaha! Meet Izzy, the latest edition to my household. She broke my heart when I first met her at the shelter, everyone would pass by her cage and not even see her because she would hide behind her basket and out of sight. Since most people are looking to adopt the youngest and prettiest kitties on the block she was often overlooked even when people did see her. She had been at the shelter for about 2 months and she is such a lovely old lady! We adopted her a week ago on the date that would have been my gran's birthday (my gran passed away on boxing day last year) and my gran's name was Isobel so that is why she's named Izzy.

My other two kitties have accepted the new girl quite quickly, helped I think primarily by the fact that she tends to sleep 24 hours a day and stay out of their way.

Big thanks to Nickerjac who very kindly sent me some gorgeous cashmere sock yarn! Im going to start knitting myself some socks as soon as I get the christmas knitting over with. I have a few FO's to show you all but I only just got new batteries in my camera so I will get them up to show off soon.


Say said...

Awww... What a sweetie Izzy looks like! I adopted from the SPCA for the first time in September and it was so hard to chooose. For weeks afterward I kept checking their website to make sure all the other cats I'd met were adopted too.

Spinningfishwife said...

She`s soooo sweet! I`m glad she gets on well with your other cats. How old is she? She doesn`t look more than middle aged to me.

And I like her name...being an Isabella, I`m an occasional "Izz(y)" myself. ;-)

pinkphish said...

Awww Emily she is lovely and very lucky to have you taking care of her.
Looking forward to to seeing the FOs. My camera totally eats batteries- v annoying.

The Knit Nurse said...

Cute kitty! I must remeber to take anti-histamines if I ever come to your house. :)
I'm looking forward to seeing your FOs too. You sound like you're enjoying working with the animals.

glittrgirl said...

Aw another kitty! Lucky you :D

Hope to see you soon


roseygirl said...

what a pretty cat :)