Tuesday, November 14


I have been completely bowled over by everyone's kind thoughts emails and comments. In particular i'd like to thank Isabella over at Spinning Fishwife for sending me this gorgeous blend of merino and silk fiber.

And my wonderful ex-Secret Pal who decided to send me something anyway. You are too kind! The picture does not to the yarn justice as you all cant feel how amazingly soft this stuff is!

Things are starting to look a little better for me now, I think finally admitting to myself and everyone else out there that im not coping too well with things really helped me. Ive started volunteering at the local cat and dog shelter, I go for an afternoon and cuddle cats! They have a quiet comfy little room where I can take them one at a time and just spend time alone with them. The idea is to basically make sure they dont become too anti-social or just give them some well deserved fuss and attention. To be honest I think its helping me as much as it helps them! I fell in love with some of the ones that had been there for months but I think Chris wouldnt be best pleased if I brought them all home!

Big thanks to Flossie and Lucy for using last minute shock tactics to coax me out of the house for a visit to the yarn shop! That was the first time ive been out without Chris's help in weeks and I had a really nice day.


Catherine said...

I'm so glad it arrived safely. I hope it brought a smile to your day.

Flossie said...

I'm so glad you had a good time sweetpea. It was really lovely to see you, and spend such a nice relaxing afternoon in Whitley Bay.

Glad the shock tactics worked :o)

Am really, really happy you joined Lucy and I.

Sending massive hugs from yucky London...I'd rather be 300 miles further North!

Lots of love and cuddles, Alice xxx

Spinningfishwife said...

Cats are great stress reducers. What a lovely thing to do for an afternoon. I bet the cats enjoy it too. :-)

Glad you liked the fibre, and good to hear you`re feeling a bit more like yourself.

Say said...

I'm really glad you're feeling better. My cats keep me sane and from being lonely. Those gifts would brighten any day for me... wow!

glittrgirl said...

So pleased to hear that things seem to be on the up for you Emily. :D I'llbet the cats are really pleased to have you going in to cuddle them. I am quite jealous of all that quality kitty time :D Hope that you feel OK enough to come out to The Centurion soon, it would be lovely to see you. Keep trying to be positive, and if you would like to talk - give me a call anytime :D

roseygirl said...

sorry I haven't been by your blog for a while, we had no internet for a month and I have been slow catching up on the blogs I like to visit as I have been trying to post on my own to get caught up.

gourdongirl said...

Glad to hear things are looking up. Keep up the good work!