Thursday, November 30

I win!

Well I finally got my own way! muwahaha! Meet Izzy, the latest edition to my household. She broke my heart when I first met her at the shelter, everyone would pass by her cage and not even see her because she would hide behind her basket and out of sight. Since most people are looking to adopt the youngest and prettiest kitties on the block she was often overlooked even when people did see her. She had been at the shelter for about 2 months and she is such a lovely old lady! We adopted her a week ago on the date that would have been my gran's birthday (my gran passed away on boxing day last year) and my gran's name was Isobel so that is why she's named Izzy.

My other two kitties have accepted the new girl quite quickly, helped I think primarily by the fact that she tends to sleep 24 hours a day and stay out of their way.

Big thanks to Nickerjac who very kindly sent me some gorgeous cashmere sock yarn! Im going to start knitting myself some socks as soon as I get the christmas knitting over with. I have a few FO's to show you all but I only just got new batteries in my camera so I will get them up to show off soon.

Tuesday, November 14


I have been completely bowled over by everyone's kind thoughts emails and comments. In particular i'd like to thank Isabella over at Spinning Fishwife for sending me this gorgeous blend of merino and silk fiber.

And my wonderful ex-Secret Pal who decided to send me something anyway. You are too kind! The picture does not to the yarn justice as you all cant feel how amazingly soft this stuff is!

Things are starting to look a little better for me now, I think finally admitting to myself and everyone else out there that im not coping too well with things really helped me. Ive started volunteering at the local cat and dog shelter, I go for an afternoon and cuddle cats! They have a quiet comfy little room where I can take them one at a time and just spend time alone with them. The idea is to basically make sure they dont become too anti-social or just give them some well deserved fuss and attention. To be honest I think its helping me as much as it helps them! I fell in love with some of the ones that had been there for months but I think Chris wouldnt be best pleased if I brought them all home!

Big thanks to Flossie and Lucy for using last minute shock tactics to coax me out of the house for a visit to the yarn shop! That was the first time ive been out without Chris's help in weeks and I had a really nice day.

Friday, November 3

A Big Sorry

To everyone who reads my blog, to my friends at the knitting groups and to the people at Secret Pal 9.
The main reason my blog hasn't been updated recently is that my computer has been in need of repair. Gladly that has been sorted now and I am able to bring you this post.
I think it's about time I explained why my friends at the knitting groups havent seen me in such a long time. I haven't been very happy for some time now and appearing in public right now makes me very nervous. I find the idea of going out in public if Chris isn't with me very frightening. I realise this sounds crazy which is why im taking the easy way out and explaining this through the power of blogger rather than to your faces. Im working towards being able to come back to the knitting groups because I really enjoy seeing all you lovely ladies.

I entered the secret pal exchange to try and help cheer myself up and I have been informed through some rather upsetting emails that I have been letting both my pals down by not updating my blog or being in contact. With my pc out of action and so much on my mind I realise that I have not been the best pal in the world. Hopefully I will be able to put things right from now on.

I hope everyone out there is well and I truly am sorry to those people I have let down.

UPDATE: shortly after writing this I received another email regarding SP which made me feel very unhappy so I have decided to bow out from the exchange. Thankyou to both my upstream and downstream pals you have been incredibly understanding. I hope I havent caused too much trouble.