Friday, September 29

Gloves on the go..

Well I was completely bowled over by all the comments that appeared so quickly after i posted last time. Its nice to know your all still reading! :)
In answer to the questions about the spinning; I do have a wheel, it's an Ashford traditional and I love it! I find it alot easier to cope with than drop spindles. Thats Molly laying beside it in the pictures from the previous post. My other cat Scooter often uses the step of the wheel as a pillow, he is a bit strange.
I have no idea what im going to do with that natural shetland I spun, it hasn't told me what it wants to be yet. Im a firm believer that yarn will tell you what it wants to be if you give it enough time.
Which leads me to an FO:

The yarn is some Frog Tree 100% Alpaca that GlittrGirl gave me for my birthday. This stuff is gorgeous and has been sat in my stash waiting to live up to its potential for a while. The pattern is of course 'Fetching' from Knitty. It is also my first real attempt at cables so I was quite pleased with myself once I'd finished.

Next up I have a WIP to show you:

My darling bf bought me a couple of balls of Rowan Tapestry as a surprise so I decided to use it to make the mittens out of the latest issue of Simply Knitting. Breaking more new ground with these since I have never attempted fairisle before. I really enjoyed it though, while I was working through the fairisle section I just couldn't put them down. Very addictive knitting.
I simplified the colour scheme a little from the original pattern basically to keep the cost down. I didnt want to have too many balls leftover with only a small amount having been used. Im really looking forward to putting these on my hands in the up coming winter months.

In my triumphant return to blogging I decided to throw my name into the hat for SP9 so I eagerly await to hear who my match is!

Wednesday, September 20

You spin me right round.. Baby right round!

I had such good intentions of updating my blog after woolfest, im not sure what happened.. I think im just lazy! Well I doubt many of you are still checking up on my blog but its nice to keep a record for myself.
Anyway, I present you with my spinning antics and the various stages of Jeff's life (jeff being my fleese remember).
Here he is at the start of his spinning career

First off it was bathtime for this stinky creature! You dont want to know what the water looked like afterwards!

Then he was given the luxury of laying out in the sun to dry for a day, bits of straw are still tangled up in him but at least he doesnt have the poo smell anymore.

Molly decided to keep guard in case he got up and tried to sneak off into the night.

Jeff was then carded up and used as a test subject for my spinning technique. He was fairly easy to spin with but the yarn I produced with him is nothing I would be willing to share with the knitting community. So instead I bring you this natural Shetland I have spun up and im quite proud of it.

And an extreme close up although my camera cant cope too well with these.

I really have got the bug for spinning, its so relaxing. I still have more of this shetland to spin up then i need to decide what it will become in knitted form. How exciting! I am yet to venture into the world of plying too but that is an adventure for another day.