Thursday, March 2

My god.. Its a monster!

The Brioche throw is still growing, as you can see:

It's been fantastic to knit since it turned cold though as it covers my legs and keeps them warm while it grows. It had an outing to the Forth on Tuesday too where I discovered it is no longer the most portable project in the world!
And an extreme close up:

Im still loving the colours but ive decided to no longer carry the yarns up one side. I was pulling it a bit too tight seemingly and that side was in danger of ending up several inches shorter than the other side. So im ignoring the horrific task of trying to sort the ends out.. I have another 15 inches before it becomes an issue anyway. One of my greatest fears is that the cats will claim my beautiful throw as their own (as cats do with anything soft and comfy). Here is Molly failing to reassure me that she has no interest in the throw whatsoever:

Ive added my official gold medal to the sidebar for finishing my olympic challenge but since Whit went to the trouble of making it I thought i'd also display my Team DPN gold medal with pride!


Rain said...

It's gorgeous and massive. You must have the patience of a saint. Rather you than me sewing those ends.

jess said...

that throw is just gorgeous, and could you deny Molly the pleasure!

Say said...

That is so beautiful! I love the colours and it does look comfy and warm.

Congrats on making your Olympic challenge!

(Blogger has promted me for word verification three times so this may show up over and over...)

Anonymous said...

That is lush! and your socks! well done!

Lara said...

That is lovely - I really love the colours. Must have taken you ages.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

I find a water pistol, aka water mister from a plant centre, a useful tool in yarn versus cats.

Impressionist said...

Gorgeous throw- will you be knitting that in the pub again? What a great project for this week's weather. My socks do not keep my lap warm when I'm working on them! (I'm also the world's slowest sock knitter!!! Still on the same pair!)

Cherry Rolfe said...


Shelagh said...

Nice blog, Emily. And lovely throw--is that what you call them in the UK?

minka said...

your throw is beautiful, I love the colours.