Wednesday, February 1

Tearing my hair out!

Taking time out from applying for a masters course online on account of the fact that I clicked something I shouldnt have and lost all of the stuff i'd filled in so far.. Oh so that's why there is a 'save' function.. AHHHH!

So anyway, last night was knitting at the Forth which is always fun! In fact it was chatting to Jen who has done the Museum Studies MA already that has propelled me into action today. I think ultimately it's going to be the best way forward.

Here's what I was working at whilst drinking in the Forth.. ist it purdy!?

I know it doesnt look like very much so far but it 'will' be the Brioche throw from Colinette's Toast and marmalade pattern book. I think it's also the same pattern which comes with the Perugino throw kit. I substituted some of the colours and im really chuffed with the way it looks. It looks to me like a watercolour painting that someone spilt a glass of water over.
It's good fun to knit but you do end up in a bit of a tangle since the pattern states to carry the yarns up the side so you have 6 balls of wool attached to it.. I have to keep having a bit of a de-tangling session!

Ive also signed up for the knitting olympics in a moment of madness. Im taking on the challenge of knitting my first ever pair of socks! Thats if the sock kit I ordered from curious yarns ever arrives.

In other news my fellow knitting buddy, Alice has been nominated in simply knitting as 'knitter of the year!' Go vote for her by calling 0901 890 4884 or texting simplyD to 84070

She is also going to be doing the Aviva walk to breakthrough cancer, if you can spare a few pennies to help her fight cancer please do so here.
She still has to raise quite a bit more and every little helps!


acechick said...

That looks just like their Perugino throw that I'm currently working on. I wonder if they were being cheeky and selling it as a kit...

Anyway, it seemed too difficult to carry all six colours up, so I'm cutting them and sewing the ends in as I go along. It looks okay. I think.

Say said...

I see what you mean about the watercolour look of the throw and I really like it! It's a work of art in progress.

Whit said...

Hey, I'd love it if you'd come join my Olympic Team - Team DPN!!


Y. said...

gorgeous!!! i am a MAJOR Colinette fan. would you be gracious enough to share your yarn selections for this throw with us? i would be so grateful...