Friday, January 13


Thankyou for the comments! Im a bit torn as I do like my scarves and shawls long however im really not sure I will have enough yarn if I start adding to much more in..
I think i'll play it safe and stick to the pattern and if I want it longer i'll try to stretch it a bit in the blocking.

Hoping to have it finished soon!


Becky said...

OH I only just saw your plea for help and wanted to add my little bit. I have knitted a clapotis in hipknits silk and it is plenty long enough I can tell you - I can easily wrap it round my neck tie a knot at the front and still have nice bits hanging down - equally it easily works as a shawl - if I hang it over my shoulder unfolded it goes down to my knees on both sides - it's wonderful - can't wait for you to be able to wear it. Happy knitting.


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