Tuesday, January 10

My crimbo pressies!

Here are all the lovely books santa (more commonly known as Chris or Mum) brought me!
Finishing Techniques for handknitters is one I have been coveting for a long time. It's a brilliant book it has everything in! The handy book of sweater patterns is great too, hopefully during the course of this year i'll manage to design and knit myself a jumper using this as a guide.

Here is what my grandad gave me for Crimbo! How retro eh? Apparently he bought it in the 60's to use when he cleaned his fishing lines. Don't worry, it doesn't smell fishy! It is however a little rusty but it works just fine and means i don't have to make Chris sit with yarn on his hands anymore!

Here's a close up of the inside of the box

Whilst on the retro theme I thought i'd show you this:

This belonged to my late Grandma. It's a leaflet about re-footing knitted socks! This pattern must have been used a hundred times over too, it's completly falling apart! I can't believe she had the patience and courage to take scissors to knitted socks.
Here's a view of the inside showing where to snip!

Notice the obligatory wedding ring on her finger!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You got some good books there!
The anne budd book is brill, as is the finishing techinques one.
can't wait to see your spinning!

jess said...

eeeek ... cutting up socks! Love the xmas pressies.


Brilliant gifts! I love the wool winder, it's probably a collector's item - good granddad!

Flossie said...

I love that wool winder, what a lovely present, with a very interesting history!