Tuesday, January 24


I actually finished this last Tuesday but ive been slacking off my blogging duties! Here she is, a finished Clapotis!

She is plenty long enough as you can see and had her first outing that night with knitting group at the Forth. Piccies here on Flossie's blog!

Moving onto my next FO, some fingerless gloves! I decided to make these because it's so bloody cold in my flat my hands turn into blocks of ice while im at the pc. These are perfect as my fingers are free to type away!

The wool was given to me by my SP5 and I still have two balls left. I dug this photo out of the wool, I took this when i first got the wool. Molly was still so tiny back then!

This is the basic fingerless gloves pattern i used: pattern
Obviously i decided not to bother doing the individual finger bits as i wanted my fingers to be as free as poss.

Here is Molly as she is today, happily chewing away at one of mommy's DPN's. Lucky it was metal or she would have destroyed it! Can't have done her teeth much good though. Looks like im going to have to keep needles better hidden in future.


jess said...

lovely clapotis and supper mitts - it is so cold at the moment that I don't blame you!

So nice to see a larger Molly... they grow so fast, don't they!

Iris said...

Love the clapotis. Great colour!

Daisy said...

Great clapotis and mitts! Actually, I've made fingerless mitts like yours and fingerless ones, that have individual semi-fingers - and both let me type away with ease (I wear them at work!)

Say said...

Your Clapotis is beautiful! And Molly too!


Yeah join me in a sock knitting olympic feet hu hu hu!

I recommend you use the simple pattern I got from Get Knitted, it's a great first sock pattern.
Remind me to bring it along on Tuesday.

I am turning into my grandma 'remind me this, remind me that'!

Becky said...

Oh so glad to see that you finished your clapotis - they are great aren't they - I wear mine loads and I love it - I'm sure you'll get lots of lovely wear out of yours too.

Sharon J said...

Hi from a newcomer to your blog. Love the colours on your fingerless gloves. Maybe I'll dig out something from my stash and make some for myself one of these days (I keep saying that every time I see something I like but the list is just getting too long...) ~Sharon

Catgirl said...

Oh, what a cute picture of your cat crashed out on the yarn, especially with Numero Uno showing on the label. Too cute! Also the picture of her chewing on one of your needles is cute too. I think cats just want to help us knit, or they think they do... LOL.

I'm a newbie knitter and just happened across your blog. I've found it interesting so far.