Friday, January 13

Advice Please!

Calling anyone who has ever knit 'clapotis'!

Im about to reach the end of the repeats for the straight section rows and I was wondering if anyone who has knit it before recommends making it a wee bit longer than the pattern states? Or is the length perfectly fine as is?
If it helps anyone, im knitting it with HipKnits pure silk. Ive heard people say that silk stretches quite a bit when blocked. Will it stretch too much and I should in fact make it shorter?

Well if no-one gets back to me in time i'll just stick to the pattern and see how it goes!


rach said...

are you making the large clapotis or the mini one? when i made the mini one with some jaeger merino aran it turned out really short (i used the mini-clapotis pattern off, so the last time i did it (in colinette giotto) i added in a few extra increases.

Marina said...

I did it in 100% cotton, which also stretches, and am glad I did at least 2 extra repeats of the straight section.

Say said...

I actually knit two repeats less in the straight section (to make sure I didn't run out of yarn), and the length turned out fine for me. I can easily double it around my neck very loosely. The diagonal direction of the ribbing also makes it feel very very stretchy. In other words, unless you love extra long scarfs and shawls, you'll probably be happy with the length of the pattern as is.

Hope that helps!

Carolyn said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I am feeling better now, thanks.

Re Clapotis, I knit my first one in Hip Knits silk, and actually did two fewer repeats than the pattern as I was going to run out of yarn.

It is sooooo long enough - huge in fact. Great as a wrap, and just as great as a scarf. I did block mine which may have streched it a bit, but not much. I'm sure it's got longer as I've been wearing it. That silk grows you know! Yours will be fine, I'm sure.

glittrgirl said...

I didn't need to knit more - its gets longer anyway as you release more stiches from thr tyranny of knots...... :D

Flossie said...

I'd like to recommend NOT blocking it, because then you get all the lovely little ripples in the dropped stitches which gives extra texture to it.

And I know the designer didn't intend them to be blocked. Her original version on Knitty isn't blocked either. It takes the life out of it!

Hope to see you at the Forth this evening. x