Monday, January 30


Purlpower tagged me ages ago and ive been a very lazy blogger. Sorry PP!

Four Jobs you've had in your life:
Bar maid/popcorn seller at a cinema
Factory worker (i lasted 1 day so im not sure it really counts!)
That's it so far im afraid! Though ive done work experience at a couple of places.

Four movies you would watch over and over:
The Princess Bride

Four places you have lived:
Thats it so far!

Four TV shows you love to watch:
Family Guy

Four places you have been on vacation
Florida, USA
Rome, Italy
Travelled round Greece and Crete

Four websites I visit daily:
Generally I just visit all the blogs in my sidebar which have been recenty updated!

Four of my favourite foods:
Mature cheddar cheese

Four places I would rather be right now:
In bed
The Sabine Hills, Italy
The Lake District
In the Forth pub with my knitting buddies!

I wont tag anyone cos I cant think of anyone who hasnt done this recently. If anyone gets bored and fancies doing it, feel free to consider yourself tagged!

Tuesday, January 24


I actually finished this last Tuesday but ive been slacking off my blogging duties! Here she is, a finished Clapotis!

She is plenty long enough as you can see and had her first outing that night with knitting group at the Forth. Piccies here on Flossie's blog!

Moving onto my next FO, some fingerless gloves! I decided to make these because it's so bloody cold in my flat my hands turn into blocks of ice while im at the pc. These are perfect as my fingers are free to type away!

The wool was given to me by my SP5 and I still have two balls left. I dug this photo out of the wool, I took this when i first got the wool. Molly was still so tiny back then!

This is the basic fingerless gloves pattern i used: pattern
Obviously i decided not to bother doing the individual finger bits as i wanted my fingers to be as free as poss.

Here is Molly as she is today, happily chewing away at one of mommy's DPN's. Lucky it was metal or she would have destroyed it! Can't have done her teeth much good though. Looks like im going to have to keep needles better hidden in future.

Friday, January 13


Thankyou for the comments! Im a bit torn as I do like my scarves and shawls long however im really not sure I will have enough yarn if I start adding to much more in..
I think i'll play it safe and stick to the pattern and if I want it longer i'll try to stretch it a bit in the blocking.

Hoping to have it finished soon!

Advice Please!

Calling anyone who has ever knit 'clapotis'!

Im about to reach the end of the repeats for the straight section rows and I was wondering if anyone who has knit it before recommends making it a wee bit longer than the pattern states? Or is the length perfectly fine as is?
If it helps anyone, im knitting it with HipKnits pure silk. Ive heard people say that silk stretches quite a bit when blocked. Will it stretch too much and I should in fact make it shorter?

Well if no-one gets back to me in time i'll just stick to the pattern and see how it goes!

Tuesday, January 10

My crimbo pressies!

Here are all the lovely books santa (more commonly known as Chris or Mum) brought me!
Finishing Techniques for handknitters is one I have been coveting for a long time. It's a brilliant book it has everything in! The handy book of sweater patterns is great too, hopefully during the course of this year i'll manage to design and knit myself a jumper using this as a guide.

Here is what my grandad gave me for Crimbo! How retro eh? Apparently he bought it in the 60's to use when he cleaned his fishing lines. Don't worry, it doesn't smell fishy! It is however a little rusty but it works just fine and means i don't have to make Chris sit with yarn on his hands anymore!

Here's a close up of the inside of the box

Whilst on the retro theme I thought i'd show you this:

This belonged to my late Grandma. It's a leaflet about re-footing knitted socks! This pattern must have been used a hundred times over too, it's completly falling apart! I can't believe she had the patience and courage to take scissors to knitted socks.
Here's a view of the inside showing where to snip!

Notice the obligatory wedding ring on her finger!

Friday, January 6

Happy New Year

Apologies to my readers for the huge gap since my last post ive had a pretty miserable Christmas and haven't really felt up to blogging until now. Unfortunately my Grandma passed away on Boxing day and we spent most of that weekend fearing every phone call as we were expecting it. She was an incredible woman and the most amazing knitter I have ever met. She would not allow my Grandad or her children to wear anything but her knitted socks! During the war she worked in the airforce and helped to fix planes. I always remember her telling me about how whenever they fixed a plane they were made to fly in it the first time it went up to ensure they would do a good job! I miss her dearly but she left us relatively peacefully and i'm very thankful for that. Just before Christmas my other Grandma was taken to hospital as she had a stroke, thankfully she is now recovering well.

Anyway, onto the knitting content..
Behold, a finished 'River' rather sexily lounging on this armchair with Ms Molly.

With everything that happened over Christmas i did manage to finish this in time but never actually got round to posting it. Now that the funeral is over with and i feel more back to normal i really will get it posted! The pattern is highly recommended, very easy and relatively quick too.

And here she is, my lovely new toy! My Ashford traditional wheel! Can you believe i still haven't gotten round to giving this a whirl either. She's looking a little dusty here.. oops!
I was a very lucky lady this year and my other half bought me a ton of knitting books i'd been after for a while. I'll give reveiws once ive absorbed them all fully.

Since i spent most of Christmas knitting gifts for people and finishing the bolero my sister started ages ago and lost interest in. I decided to be selfish! And why not, I deserve it! So with the HipKnits silk i purchased a while back ive decided to join the masses and knit myself clapotis! It looks more light bluish in real life.