Monday, December 12

4 down 1 more to go!

Thats right, im onto my last Giotto scarf! Boy am i bored with that pettern! Luckily the tedium was broken ever so slightly by one of the recipients deciding upon a different colour. Forgetful as ever i forgot to take a photo before that one went to it's new home.

Ive also been trying desperately to get River (Rowan magazine 38)finished as it's intended as a Christmas pressie for my closest friend. I thought she deserved something lacy! The yarn im using is a delicious laceweight mohair i bought from Jeni at Fyberspates ages ago. I think she has plans to make this yarn available in her shop and i can really recommend it! So soft! and the colours are so cheerful they knit up nicely - as you can see.

As with all knitted lace, this looks like a raggy mess right now but i just know it will be absolutely gorgeous when blocked. Cant wait to get it finished, just hope i make it in time. Well if all else fails it's her birthday in February.. im sure it'll be finished by then!

With the money my other half's parents are giving me to get myself something for Christmas ive been hunting ebay for a good bargain spinning wheel. Guess what! I bought one!
It's an Ashford Traditional and i won the auction at £61.00 including postage. The price is quite low as it doesnt seem to come with any extras like niddy noddy or lazy kate. They aren't too expensive though. Cant wait to play with it!


Anonymous said...

Emily that look fabulous! That is a serioulsy good bargain for a spinning wheel, especially an ashford, well done! You will have a fantastic time on that over christmas!
J xx

jess said...

Wow! I am jealous... sounds like a great deal for an Ashford. Do enjoy! I found it relatively easy to use - one good tip from Nancy was:

1. just pedal the wheel a session without spinning, to get a feel for the rythm.

2. then, keep pedalling, but do something with your hands - like a bit of drop spindling for example. That way you get used to the 'patting your head and rubbing your tummy' type thing.

Then start spinning!

alice said...

thanks for that comment on my journal last time i resurfaced! just a heads up, i'm back again... and for good! and i'll be reading you from now on, too :)

Rach said...

I do indeed work at the lovely AMC!

I want to try the River shawl, I got two balls of black KSH when I subscribed to Rowan, so I will probably use that. I've got all my Christmas knitting to finish off first, but it's definitely on my to-do list!