Friday, November 4

Speed Knitting!

In answer to the questions regarding the last post, i did a degree in archaeology and ancient history. I would really like to work with museums in the handling of collections etc. Ive applied for various jobs within this field to no avail, im guessing because in alot of cases the positions are filed by internal candidates or by people who have been volunteering. So im going to go to Newcastle Uni and do a masters in museum studies, assuming they let me in! The last job i applied for was a part time library assistant at the uni's library. I thought this would be ideal as i could continue it whilst studying however i havent heard anything back on that front either. Each time i apply for a job i lower my standards of 'ideal job' and each time i hear nothing!

Anyway, on the knitting front im frantically knitting away at a scarf i had promised to knit for my sister. While we were at Ally Pally she chose a hank of Colinette Giotto she like and i said i'd knit her a scarf for the next time i see her. She called yesterday and is coming up for a surprise visit! so ive been knitting alot today! As well as madly tidying as our landlord is coming round to see the flat in the morning. Its about half way through now so i ope to be able to give it to her before she leaves on sunday.

I completely forgot to take a photo of the stitched card i made for my mum.. oops!
Must take some photos of something, i hate blogging without photos!

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Daisy said...

I now work in a similar area to where you want to be, and had to get experience to get in! Oh, and with uni libraries, I started out as a shelver, but only for a term, then got promoted to library assistant (I think because they knew me by then!). It's also worth finding out if you can volunteer in a museum or whatever, even a few hours a month would help.