Saturday, November 26

Nameless Gnome!

Here is my other distraction from tedious scarve knitting.. i present my Christmas Gnome who is pictured here making friends with the cats.. Trouble is he is nameless! So fellow bloggers, find me a Gnomey name for him!

The pattern for the Christmas Gnome came from a recent issue of Simply Knitting (off the top of my head i think it was issue 8).

The pattern for the scarf although looks identical to Daisy's Misty garden scarf was from the first issue of Simply Knitting.. I love that magazine! Each month there is always more than one pattern i like which is more than can be said for 'Knitting'. Clearly the likes of Rebecca are far superior but simply knitting is readily available in the UK so i like it!
And Iris, i almost had a heart attack when i read the first half of your comment! Good job you were joking!

My gnomey has been consoling me since a rather unfortunate event which took place on Tuesday night.. I had a lovely time knitting in the pub along with Purlpower and a couple of others. Then i headed home unfortunately on entering the metro station i stepped in someone elses vomit.. now normally this would be horrific enough. Sadly it was a tiled floor so i slipped, fell, smacked my knee and ended up sat in someone elses vomit. You can only imagine how deeply unpleasant the feeling of realisation that it was not water you slipped in was. I was very good though, i cleaned myself up and waited till i got home before bursting into tears!
Think i was more upset about the fact that the long cardy i was wearing was 100% wool and would need handwashing! Still life goes on, doesn't it!


Daisy said...

I agree about Simply Knitting - have just got a subscription! And at least you stand a chance of being able to get the yarn for the patterns!
The funny thing is that I'd been intending to knit that scarf from issue 1, had it at the back of my mind, but didn't "click" when I saw the same thing in Scarf Style! Oops.


The gnome looks like a 'nigel' to me but I don't know why!

Patch is very excited to hear that you have some treats for him - see you tomorrow night. Hopefully minus vomit this week. xxx

Emily said...

OMG that little gnome is adorable. I stumbled across your blog and I too am Emily. I knitted once in my life, but moved on to crocheting. I'm trying to expand my horizons past scarves and onto shrug sweaters.

Rain said...

Love the gnome - nice beard!

jess said...

that gnome is cute... hope he finds a good name soon.


Hey dude, we're knitting at the Centurion on Saturday morning - will you be joining us? Hope so, Hxxx

Flossie said...

Hi Emily

Are you going to the Forth on Tuesday?

Would it be possible for me to have a copy of the scarf pattern you used for your sister's scarf please? Does it use one skein of Giotto? I want to knit one for my Mum for Christmas.

Alice x

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Will you please share the Christmas gnome pattern with me? My grandfather came from Sweden and I would like to do next Christmas around the gnome?

I'm in Idaho in the U.S.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!