Wednesday, November 23

In a Spin!

I bought a drop spindle kit from getknitted last week! It has been put together by the lovely Jeni at Fyberspates (check out her shop). So below is the progress ive made with it so far. The white stuff was my very first attempt but hopefully the purple looks a little better. Im finding it a little difficult to keep it the same thickness all the way through but im sure i'll get used to it. Jeni's instructions are great and i did find it fairly easy to pick up, i guess it's perfecting that skill that is the real challenge!

I have been playing with my spindle to distract me from the tedium that is knitting the same scarf in the same colourway five times over. Since i first knitted my sisters scarf my mum decided she wanted one, then she wanted one for a girl at the office. Now apparently another girl at the office wants one and Chris anounced he'd like to give his mum one for christmas! (AHHHHHHHH!!) So my mum's is finished and below you can see the progress made on scarf number three (i promise it is a different scarf!) alongside the scarf ive been knitting for myself! I havent knit myself anything in ages so i decided i need a scarf myself!! The yarn is Jo Sharps Silkroad as it was on offer at Getknitted and i love it!


Daisy said...

Is the scarf pattern "Misty Garden" from Scarf Style? It looks very very similar to the scarf that is driving me bonkers with boredom at the moment!

Jess said...

nice spinning! I have just ordered a spindle like that... look forward to it.

Sharon J said...

Five scarves in the same colour! I think it's bad enough have to knit a dozen pairs of sock but at least I can choose different colours for each. I'm afraid I'd have told my other half that his mother could have a scarf, but it would have to be in a different colour.

Iris said...

Oh my, I'm not sure if I could motivate myself to knit that many scarves with the same pattern, Poor you!

That said, they look very pretty. Would you mind knitting me one? What's one more after all!

Just kidding!! ;-)

The lilac-coloured fibre is lovely and your handspun looks great. :)

Anonymous said...

For a first go that is amazing! well done!!!!

Sarah said...

Good job with the spinning. I tried using a drop spindle years ago as a kid but didn't find it all that easy. Strangely enough I've been thinking about trying it out again so keep us up to date with your efforets.