Friday, November 4

Emily needs....

Just spotted this on Lixies blog and thought i'd give it a whirl, you type your first name then 'needs' into google and see what you get.

Emily needs..
* eating companions around noon on wednesday
* almost 24-hour care
* to be told "No"
* to find something that's her own to fulfill her
* to talk to him. If she can get his attention
* Attention
* a place to study
* to work on reading a little extra every night
* to be whipped into shape by Nanny



Jess said...

oh no, not 'Nanny'...


I am happy to eat with you around noon on wednesday.

Or indeed, 'whip you into shape'

it's your call babe.


Cutie said...

I always like yesses and tell me where i can get 24 hour care cos im there (hey im a poet and i didnt know it)