Tuesday, October 25

Im back!

Apologies for my extended absence since my last post, life has been getting the better of me lately. Unfortunately i did not manage to make the most of the Ally Pally experience.. i caught a bug on the friday and felt really ill whilst touring round the stalls on the saturday. I didnt make it to any of the wonderful workshops and i did not come away with a very satisfying haul. It was uncomfortabley hot in the hall for someone who was feeling sick already so i was bitterly disappointed to leave early. I had dragged my sister along with me and she brought back more exciting bits than i did! I came away with a couple of card making kits and some yummy skeins from the colinette stand. It was amazing to be able to see all the colinette yarn in person!

Apologies to Jeni at fyberspates for not coming and saying hi but by the time i reached getknitted it was absolutely swamped by people and i was in no mood to battle my way through.
Now for my life dilemas..
Since i graduated ive been applying for several jobs, all jobs which ive actually wanted to do but so far i have had not one single interview... I dont get it, i have a degree in a relevant subject area surely i deserve a chance? But no, i lack experience in said subject area.. How does one go about getting the experience i need when no-one will even give me a chance!
Sorry excuse the vent, ive been trying to sort my life out alot lately and its getting to me.
I think ive decided to go back to university and do a masters then at least for the next year i can just find part time work to tide us over.. Plus the masters includes several placements which may be enough experience to satisfy employers.
Im almost finished making one of the cards from the kit i bought so i'll show a pic of the finished article. Its for my mum as its her birthday on sunday.

Saturday, October 8


My train tickets and and show guide for the Knitting and Stitching show at Ally Pally arrived today. To say im excited is an understatement! There are so many exhibitors! and so many workshops! Now to try and work out how much money i can get away with spending whilst there :)

Tuesday, October 4

Finished catbed photos

Molly was spayed last thursday and she had her mommy worried sick about her! I think she may have been the last one to be done that day and when i picked her up she was very much still drugged up. Normally by the time i pick them up they are fairly coherent but Molly was really bad bless her. For some reason she couldnt physically close her eyes for a long time. In fact i set up camp on the sofa thursday night and waited for her to fall asleep which was only at around 2.00 AM. Then i fell asleep with her, when i woke up in the morning she was still asleep on me. But she was as right as rain the next day i think she just needed to sleep it off but with her eyes not closing she couldnt. Anyway here she is all bald and stitched up but loving her new kitty pi catbed!

Though sometimes the sides flop down and she needs mommy to tuck her in!

For anyone interested the pattern for this catbed is a free pattern courtesy of Wendy over at Wendyknits! I knitted this one in Noro Kureyon but you can use any 100% wool that will felt when you put it through the wash!