Wednesday, September 21

My first baby project is finished!

I really enjoyed knitting this jumper, i think it has added appeal because you know someone extremely cute will be wearing it! I did make a slight hash of the hood though. The pattern calls for you to knit the hood on from the front piece (slightly confusing!) but seemingly when the pattern called for me to cast on x stitches for the hood i must have mis-counted and cast on way too many! How this happened i really don't know im normally meticulous about counting and re-counting stitches! Unless anyone had a similar problem with the pattern and it was a mis-print? Doubtful i think.. i must have been tired at the time (any excuse eh?) The pattern for the jumper came from 'simply knitting issue one' but is also in one of debbie bliss's books. I loved knitting with the cashmerino it was just so soft!

The little bunny toy also shown here was an added extra to send with the jumper. Cute aint he? The pattern came from Jean greenhowes 'knitted animals' pattern book. I remember my gran knitting jean greenhowe dolls years ago for jumble sales i always thought they looked so complicated but the patterns are well written and are very simple.
Ages ago i made the little penguin from the same book for chris as a jokey present. His hat and scarf are knitted up in sunderland FC colours, which he rather likes. Maybe i'll take a pic of him to stick in my FO list.. something i keep forgetting to do. It looks like i never finish anything!


Andrea said...

This little hoodie looks lovely Emily and the rabbit just adds to the cuteness - a lucky recipient.

Iris said...

That hoodie looks great, and the bunnie almost makes me want to knit a toy, something I've never considered!! What a lucky baby! :)

Anonymous said...

That rabbit is sooooo cute!

What a lovely gift.



Very nice work. You might find it quite addictive knitting for babies, they are quick knits and because they are little you can afford to splash out on very nice yarn now and then. Any chance of you joining us at The Forth on Tuesday? I am bringing cake with me!