Wednesday, September 14

Knitting progress and presents galore!

Thankyou to everyone who left comments regarding my question in my last post, perhaps one day i will have my very own spinning wheel but for now i think i will give a drop spindle a go. One question though, top whirl or bottom whirl - whats the difference? which do i get?
Also a big thankyou to all those who have sent me Random acts of kindness! Ive had several e-cards, a gift voucher, notecards and yesterday; an oragami crane! Thankyou so much you have been very kind! Your kindness has spurred me into preparing some little gifties of my own to treat others with.
Anyway onto the knitting! Ive been making steady progress with the babies hooded jumper as you can see (in its pre blocked state).

The front looks a little strange as the hood is knit continuously from the front and then joined so at the moment it looks like a giant collar. Im about ten row from finishing the last sleeve so it should get blocked tonight. I'll be sure to post a picture of it after it is made up.

Secret pal Five has come to a close and with it I received my final parcel from my pal! Thankyou very much Andrea! I must admit, i had guessed your identity correctly. I am in the habit of re-using padded envelopes and when your first package arrived i pulled my address label off to reuse it and found that you had done the same thing. So i found out your name and where you came from, giving me a pretty good idea of who you were. I didnt want to say anything in case i was completely wrong! Thankyou so much for spoiling me so well! For everyone else here are the contents of that last parcel.

Even the kitties got a present! Molly loves the toys and scooter pretends to be too mature for toys but he still shows some interest from time to time. The ball is absolutely perfect, we have loads of small balls which they love to play with but they inevitably get lost under the sofa! This ball is big enough not to do that which is great.
The tape measure is exactly what i needed too, i only have a long dress makers tape which when i take it with me i get it tangled round everything. The tape measure you gave me is perfect for carrying round! (how did you know??)


Jess said...

Great gifts!

Spindle: only a newbie, but I could not get on with a bottom whirl and use a top whirl - which feels more stable to me - which I really like. I spoilt myself and got a pretty kundert spindle! If you can try before you buy.

Andrea said...

Hi Emily
Glad you liked your final package -gosh I didn't even realise that my address was under the label - will have to check I don't do that again!
I was too late for the sign up for SP6 but have enjoyed taking part in this and will definately be back for SP7.

Anonymous said...

Hi there i thought i'd intorduce myself, im your new secret pal!

I hope i can spoil you just as well as your last secret pal did! Expect to hear from me very soon ;)

Horse Power said...

Hello! I'm tagging you for a meme - if you'd like to play, the details are on my blog (Sept. 19 post)
Have a good day! >>^..^<<

Horse Power