Wednesday, August 31

My lapsing attention span

Well the snaps of Rome never materialised.. im sorry. I didnt take my digital and dont have the scanner set up to copy the others. So instead i bring you proof that i do have two cats and not just one and that they have started to accept each other - dont they look cute?

I must say, my enthusiasm for knitting has slipped in the past few weeks which i guess is the real reason for my lack of posts, ive simply had nothing to show you! I discovered that it was my current projects that were letting me down. Cosy shawl is beautiful but has become terribly repetative! So a new project was in order!
And here it is:

This cute little hoody was in the first issue of simply knitting and i loved it from the first time i saw it but i unfortunately dont know any babies to knit for. So an online friend is very kindly letting me knit it for her daughter. It is just the project i need to get me back into knitting again! the cashmerino is so soft! I must point out that the colour is not as grey as it looks in the photo, its more a light blue. I hafd hoped it would be more lilac but i ordered it online and unfortunately colours can look so different. Anyway i like the colour still and i hope she will too.
Behold my second new project to gear me on, yes its another kitty pi bed! This time made from what was left of my stash of Noro Kureyon. That pack of wool has done me proud, i have a tanktop, a bag and now a catbed out of it. Anyway, hee is its progress:

Finally i end with a question of sorts or at least a request for advice! Chris asked me what i wanted for christmas the other day.. out of the blue i said ' a spinning wheel' i wasnt being completely serious, its one of those things i'd love to have some day. He responded by asking how much they were..
This is where i become completely clueless, how much are spinning wheels? what kind would i get? Which is best for a complete beginner?
If anyone of you spinners out there has advice for someone buying a wheel for the first time having never spun before please leave a comment, it would be much appreciated! You never know santa may be extra kind to me this year..


Paula said...

I don't really know anything about spinning, but I have been thinking about trying it too. I found this web site
they have these things called Drop Spindles, they are a hell of a lot cheaper than spinning wheels and I think they do the same thing, I think I'll probably try one of them first. Hope this is of some use to you.

Jess said...

I only have a drop spindle, but when we were at the woolfest the following sellers had wheels:
I would also suggest getting in touch wqith the local guild of weavers, spinners and watchamacallems:

Good luck!

Daisy said...

The baby hoodie is ace if you get stuck in a rut. It's quick to knit and fun too (and the baby looks so cute wearing it when it's finished!)

Knit Chick said...

Welcome back! I hope Rome was fun. The baby hoodie is adorable. Isn't the cashmerino lovely to knit?

P.S. Did you receive the little package I sent you?

Iris said...

Well, I just bought a spinning wheel. Kind of by accident, but I love it now. It's an Ashford Traditional wheel, and when I looked it up later I found that this is exactly the wheel they recommend for beginners. It spins fine yarns to relatively chunky, and if you are into lace or super chunky you can buy different flyer and bobbin sets for that too.

I had spun on drop spindles before (not for very long, though - I started merely a few weeks before I got the wheel), and I still find it easier to spin very fine yarns on the spindle, but the wheel is wonderful. I can really recommend it. :)

I've seen quite a few Ashford Traditional wheels pop up on ebay, so have a look. Just make sure they come with all the acessories - flyer and at least 3 bobbins. Usually there is also a Lazy Kate, but that isn't so important...

Good luck with it! :)

Say said...

Drop spindles are a great and cheap way to learn if you've never tried spinning before.


P.S. We just got a new kitten too and our first cat (our baby) is coming around, slowly but surely. We still hear a bit of hissing during the day but I'm optimistic that she won't hate the wee one forever.