Thursday, July 7

What a Day...

I was going to blog all about my 21'st birthday yesterday and the fabulous parcel i received from my secret pal but in light of todays events i feel that its rather poor taste.
Sadly today will become a very memorable day and for all the wrong reasons. My heart goes out to anybody who is living in London, I hope that both you and your family and friends are ok.
Luckily my sister who lives in London has been taking her school kids on a field trip this week and is safe. After an hour of trying to get through i got in touch with her partner and he is also fine and is planning to walk home from work for fear of going anywhere near public transport.

All my hopes and best wishes are with you London-based bloggers today... stay safe.


Becky said...

It's dreadful isn't it what has happened. I know lots of people that work in London, luckily they are all fine. I think it's OK though to share happy stuff, a 21st birthday is a special time and I would hate to think that yours had been ruined for you.

Jess said...

Happy Birthday, anyway! We will want chearing up in a few days, so don't hold back for too long.

Glad to know your family are safe. Take care, and hug the little furry one.

Daisy said...

Hi Emily,
Thanks for the comment you left on my blog - I'm back home safe and sound now! I hope you did enjoy your birthday and I've really enjoyed reading your blog!
Daisy xx