Thursday, July 28

Photo's Galore!

Many apolagies i have been away for such a long time Chris was off work last week so we had a very busy week sorting things out in the flat! We have shelves in the kitchen and the study! Anyway!
I muxt share with you the lovely yarn and ribbon i received by way of trade from Becky as i sent her some stitch markers. Sorry its taken me such a long time to get this pic up! thankyou Becky!

My next big THANKYOU goes out to Jeni over at Fyberspates. When i was feeling very low as i'd just lost Pixel i received many many kind words from all you bloggers for which im forever grateful. Jeni very kindly offered to send me something to make me smile. And smile i did when this fell through my letterbox this morning! Two skeins of her gorgeous sock yarn! Which is now being stocked over at 'Get knitted' Go and check it out because the choice of colours are just amazing!

Jeni's sock wool is so nice it makes me want to start some socks right away! Unfortunately i'd already cast on some opal socks (below):( So im going to have to get these finished first. But what an incentive!

Here is my other knitting which is progressing slowly but im finding this one quite enjoyable to knit, i thought i'd have gotten sick of the pattern by now but im not.
Here's my Cosy Shawl!

And finally how can i end without showing you another photo of this darling kitty! You must think im terribly neglectful of our other cat since i never show picures of him. Unfortunately he hates me at the moment as im the evil one who brought in the new girl and who took him to the vet against his will. Its annoying because while i had no batteries in the camera i actually caught the two of them snuggled up on the sofa together! but couldnt take a photo!! Well at least progress has been made! I know he loves her really.

And a brief note to PurlPower who tagged me! I will get round to doing it but this post has already gone on way too long.



No worries! Any chance you could make it along to knit on Tuesday night? We'll be in the Forth from 6.45 as usual!

Becky said...

Hey there Emily - you've been MIA for a while there - good to hear from you again ! I'm glad you like the bits I sent to you - I'm sure you'll be able to do something creative with them.

That sock yarn is gogeous - I bet you can't wait to use it - you are very disciplined finishing off your Opal socks first - good on ya !

lucia said...

She's so beautiful!

I guess I have a thing for cats.

Jess said...

Such a lovely photo of the cute kitten... sigh!

mf said...

LOVE the yarn porn, GORGEOUS sock yarn!!! Nice socks! shawl look intersting and such a sweet kitty..
Cant' wait to see what that R2 Rowan stuff looks like knitted up will you post a picture of your progress