Monday, July 11

My crafty sunday!

First of all i thought i'd post a pic of the sewing box my aunt gave me for my birthday, i really love it!

Anyway, on to the crafty part! After reading a post about stitch markers at Becky's blog Mooknits I found myself in Focus with Chris buying paint (to cover up the section of wall he ruined with masking tape). Whilst in there inspiration hit! so i hunted around for some wire and ended up with garden wire and then i looked for some small pliers/wire cutters. As soon as i got home i dug out my collection of beads and the results are what you see below!!

These ones are done with various colours of painted wooden beads.

These ones i used plastic spakly beads

These ones i made the loop a bit bigger for using with chunkier needles!

It was alot of fun making them and im going to be making some more today! Im going to send some to Becky so that she can finish her clapotis. If anyone else wants to make a trade let me know!

With my sisters scarf finished i needed another small transportable project so i started knitting some socks with some Opal sock yarn ive had in my stash for ages. My first foray into the world of sock knitting didnt go too well but i'd like to think that my knitting skills have improved since then. So the sock knitting shall be accompanying me to Birmingham tomorrow! My mum and i are driving down for my graduation ceremony which is on the wednesday morning. So when i get a break from driving i hope to be trucking along with sock number one!

I had both Molly and Scooter to the vets this morning, him because i was worried he had an ear infection (which he didnt) and her because she was overdue her first vaccination. Both cats are now lying under the bed sulking! He was terrible and kept trying to bite the vet but she was as good as gold even though she was terrified, bless her. She didnt even squeek when the vet stuck the needle in!

Anyway, i'll be away for the next two days so perhaps on thursday you'll be treated to a picture of me in cap and gown feeling daft!


Becky said...

Emily - I'm e:mailing you now - those stitch markers are gorgeous - how did you make them ? I feel I should be less pathetic and have a go - although I've got so much knitting on at the moment - I'd dont think I'll have time until Summer 2006 !!!

Good luck with your graduation - I hope the weather isn't too hot for you - those gown sure are warm !! Why do they do that - make you wear a wool cap and gown in the middle of summer - so that you look suitably shiny for the photos ! Wear lots of mattifying make up !! Have a lovely time - are you partying afterwards ?

Glad to hear the cats are both OK after their traumatic visit to the vets !

Jess said...

Lovely markers (the wood ones look very cheerful). Enjoy the graduation!

Lynette said...

your stitch markers are lovely indeed! very creative. i'll exchange stitch markers with you once your back home and rested.

congratulations on your graduation!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous stitch markers -well done.

Enjoy your graduation. Feel proud to wear your cap and gown you've earned it!! (Plus everybody there will be wearing one so there's no need to feel daft:)

have fun

Daisy said...

Is the wire used in your stitch markers the green plastic covered sort? I'm sure I've seen some lying around in the shed..