Saturday, July 9

Birthday package from SP

I had a really nice 21st birthday, thankyou to those who sent their best wishes! One of the best bits was the surprise package from my secret pal. Sadly i forgot to take a picture of the contents at the time so the chocolates and wine are ummm.... unavailable for photographing shall we say! Also included was a box of delicious raspberry and echinacea tea, a copy of a girl with a pearl earring a lovely card and the wool you see modelled again by Molly below! You can tell she's a show off already, look at that cute pose.

And here is another sleepy kitten shot, they can sleep in the most unusual positions cant they?!

I have entered Molly in Lucia's 'Cutest cat contest' If you want to vote for Molly or any of the other cats entered do so at this Ballot page! Ive been advised to try explain why i think Molly deserves the cutest cat award but im sure people can judge for themselves just by looking at the silly moggy sprawled and sleepy.

Ive finally finished the feather and fan stitch scarf i started for my sisters birthday. It is currently blocking on my carpet as i wanted to stretch it out a little longer. Cosy shawl is creeping along in length and poor lucky seems to have been abandoned again... we just dont seem to get along lucky and i!


Jess said...

I am so going to vote for Molly! Might enter Pocket too... but they'll be smitten with your kitten.

Nice presents!

minxxy said...

Sorry it's a bit late but Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a good day.

I too am knitting Cosy. She too is creeping along and never seems to get any longer. The only thing keeping me going is the fact that I am using odds and ends of Kool Aid dyed wool so the colours are all over the place.


Happy Birthday! I'm so jealous of your secret pal package - I wanna secret pal! I always miss out on the sign up dates for SPs. Are you doing the Knitty one or the other one?

Anonymous said...

Hi emily
I'm glad you liked your package! I think I probably would have consumed the chocs and wine before digging my camera out too!! Hope you had a great birthday!