Saturday, July 2

Bargain stash enhancement!

Here is the little one showing you the bargain i picked up in fenwicks yesterday!

I had a little rumage in the reduced bin and found one ball of rowan's ribbon twist in ripple and one ball of rowan's biggy print in allsorts. They were 99p each! For the simple reason that their ball bands were missing! Now how can a girl resist? In fact my more devious side started thinking.. could i sneakily pull the bands off a couple more balls and pass them off as being in the clearance bin! Sadly i have morals.

I had ducked into the store only to pass time as i was waiting for Chris to finish work. We went to the theatre! It was part of my treat from him for my birthday on wednesday. We saw the Reduced Shakespeare Company do the complete works of shakespeare and it was hilarious!! If you havent already seen these guys you really must!! I really dont think i have ever seen something which made me laugh that much. They also do the complete american history and the complete bible, both of which i'd quite like to see.

Having a lazy day today, watching live 8 and knitting cozy which has grown a few inches since i last posted a pic.


Jess said...

A few nice bit of fluff in that photo - kitten included.

lucia said...

What an adorable kitten! I'd be thrilled if you entered her in my cute cat contest!