Friday, July 29

Ive been tagged

This seems to be going round alot lately, dont know if there is anyone left for me to tag! OK really had to wrack my brains for this!!

Pronunciation Key
n. pl. id·i·o·syn·cra·sies
A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.

Write down five of your own personal idiosyncracies. Then, if you wish, tag five people from your live gerbil or friendslist to do the same.

1) I have trouble telling the time! When i was young my parents didnt teach me how to tell the time thinking it was something i would learn in school. I then had a hideously embarrassing lesson where my teacher asked who could tell the time and i was the only person who didnt raise their hand. Consequently i went home and made my parents feel supremely guilty.
However i think this has left a permenant scar and whenever asked the time i always have to stare at my watch a while before it hits me.

2)I treat my cats like children! My cats are my little babies and now im living with chris we act like a little family. In fact Chris is often greeted home from work with the phrase, 'your daughter peed on the carpet again today!' or something similar.

3)I hate putting clothes away! I dont mind doing washing, hell i dont even mind doing ironing but what i really cant stand is putting clothes away! I cant bear it and for no sensible reason. Consequently most of my clothes get slung on a chair and they pile up until i simply cant deal with it anymore. At that point i'd rather throw them back in the wash than actually have to hang them up.

4)Im incredibly self-conscious! Especially about my hair for some reason. I have thick curly hair which unfortunately has a distinct tendancy to frizz. I never like how my hair looks and i always worry rediculous amounts about how i look when i meet new people.

5)Im so lazy! I never get round to doing things until last minute. This applies to housework, paying bills... everything, im a very lazy person. I still haven unpacked all my stuff and i moved into this place a month ago!!

There you go!
And now i tag, Mooknits, Minxxy, Scarfomatic and Knit Stitches
I know a couple of these people are on their holidays so dont worry if you cant be bothered to do it at all!

Thursday, July 28

Photo's Galore!

Many apolagies i have been away for such a long time Chris was off work last week so we had a very busy week sorting things out in the flat! We have shelves in the kitchen and the study! Anyway!
I muxt share with you the lovely yarn and ribbon i received by way of trade from Becky as i sent her some stitch markers. Sorry its taken me such a long time to get this pic up! thankyou Becky!

My next big THANKYOU goes out to Jeni over at Fyberspates. When i was feeling very low as i'd just lost Pixel i received many many kind words from all you bloggers for which im forever grateful. Jeni very kindly offered to send me something to make me smile. And smile i did when this fell through my letterbox this morning! Two skeins of her gorgeous sock yarn! Which is now being stocked over at 'Get knitted' Go and check it out because the choice of colours are just amazing!

Jeni's sock wool is so nice it makes me want to start some socks right away! Unfortunately i'd already cast on some opal socks (below):( So im going to have to get these finished first. But what an incentive!

Here is my other knitting which is progressing slowly but im finding this one quite enjoyable to knit, i thought i'd have gotten sick of the pattern by now but im not.
Here's my Cosy Shawl!

And finally how can i end without showing you another photo of this darling kitty! You must think im terribly neglectful of our other cat since i never show picures of him. Unfortunately he hates me at the moment as im the evil one who brought in the new girl and who took him to the vet against his will. Its annoying because while i had no batteries in the camera i actually caught the two of them snuggled up on the sofa together! but couldnt take a photo!! Well at least progress has been made! I know he loves her really.

And a brief note to PurlPower who tagged me! I will get round to doing it but this post has already gone on way too long.

Tuesday, July 19

Vote Molly!

Hey there folks the cute cat contest has officially started so if Molly has any fans out there go vote for her here!

Sorry there has been no posting in a while, Chris is off work this week so we're having a major flat sort out involving spending oodles of money in ikea! So sadly very little knitting can be acomplished. Plus i still havent replaced the batteries in the camera to show you any progress. Must remember to get more!

Thursday, July 14


Well im back and ive officially graduated now! A black gown and hat is certainly not appropriate attire for weather like this! Despite the lack of a picture I actually like, I shall share one with you. No laughing! Sorry its so far away my sister took it and she isnt great witha camera.
My mum and I drove down to Birmingham in the car so I could pick up the last of my stuff and I discovered that driving through spaghetti junction isn't half as scary as it looks! So when she took over the driving I did a bit of sock knitting with my opal sock yarn. I didn't make too much progress, but i like them. I'll get a pic posted soon but the batteries are dead in the camera at the moment.
Daisy asked what sort of wire I used for the stitch markers, it is that green bendy stuff. I guess normal people probably use it to tie back their rose bushes but us knitters are a resourceful bunch.
Anyway i had better get back to the mountain of washing and the large amounts of junk which desperately needs a home.

Monday, July 11

My crafty sunday!

First of all i thought i'd post a pic of the sewing box my aunt gave me for my birthday, i really love it!

Anyway, on to the crafty part! After reading a post about stitch markers at Becky's blog Mooknits I found myself in Focus with Chris buying paint (to cover up the section of wall he ruined with masking tape). Whilst in there inspiration hit! so i hunted around for some wire and ended up with garden wire and then i looked for some small pliers/wire cutters. As soon as i got home i dug out my collection of beads and the results are what you see below!!

These ones are done with various colours of painted wooden beads.

These ones i used plastic spakly beads

These ones i made the loop a bit bigger for using with chunkier needles!

It was alot of fun making them and im going to be making some more today! Im going to send some to Becky so that she can finish her clapotis. If anyone else wants to make a trade let me know!

With my sisters scarf finished i needed another small transportable project so i started knitting some socks with some Opal sock yarn ive had in my stash for ages. My first foray into the world of sock knitting didnt go too well but i'd like to think that my knitting skills have improved since then. So the sock knitting shall be accompanying me to Birmingham tomorrow! My mum and i are driving down for my graduation ceremony which is on the wednesday morning. So when i get a break from driving i hope to be trucking along with sock number one!

I had both Molly and Scooter to the vets this morning, him because i was worried he had an ear infection (which he didnt) and her because she was overdue her first vaccination. Both cats are now lying under the bed sulking! He was terrible and kept trying to bite the vet but she was as good as gold even though she was terrified, bless her. She didnt even squeek when the vet stuck the needle in!

Anyway, i'll be away for the next two days so perhaps on thursday you'll be treated to a picture of me in cap and gown feeling daft!

Saturday, July 9

Birthday package from SP

I had a really nice 21st birthday, thankyou to those who sent their best wishes! One of the best bits was the surprise package from my secret pal. Sadly i forgot to take a picture of the contents at the time so the chocolates and wine are ummm.... unavailable for photographing shall we say! Also included was a box of delicious raspberry and echinacea tea, a copy of a girl with a pearl earring a lovely card and the wool you see modelled again by Molly below! You can tell she's a show off already, look at that cute pose.

And here is another sleepy kitten shot, they can sleep in the most unusual positions cant they?!

I have entered Molly in Lucia's 'Cutest cat contest' If you want to vote for Molly or any of the other cats entered do so at this Ballot page! Ive been advised to try explain why i think Molly deserves the cutest cat award but im sure people can judge for themselves just by looking at the silly moggy sprawled and sleepy.

Ive finally finished the feather and fan stitch scarf i started for my sisters birthday. It is currently blocking on my carpet as i wanted to stretch it out a little longer. Cosy shawl is creeping along in length and poor lucky seems to have been abandoned again... we just dont seem to get along lucky and i!

Thursday, July 7

What a Day...

I was going to blog all about my 21'st birthday yesterday and the fabulous parcel i received from my secret pal but in light of todays events i feel that its rather poor taste.
Sadly today will become a very memorable day and for all the wrong reasons. My heart goes out to anybody who is living in London, I hope that both you and your family and friends are ok.
Luckily my sister who lives in London has been taking her school kids on a field trip this week and is safe. After an hour of trying to get through i got in touch with her partner and he is also fine and is planning to walk home from work for fear of going anywhere near public transport.

All my hopes and best wishes are with you London-based bloggers today... stay safe.

Saturday, July 2

Bargain stash enhancement!

Here is the little one showing you the bargain i picked up in fenwicks yesterday!

I had a little rumage in the reduced bin and found one ball of rowan's ribbon twist in ripple and one ball of rowan's biggy print in allsorts. They were 99p each! For the simple reason that their ball bands were missing! Now how can a girl resist? In fact my more devious side started thinking.. could i sneakily pull the bands off a couple more balls and pass them off as being in the clearance bin! Sadly i have morals.

I had ducked into the store only to pass time as i was waiting for Chris to finish work. We went to the theatre! It was part of my treat from him for my birthday on wednesday. We saw the Reduced Shakespeare Company do the complete works of shakespeare and it was hilarious!! If you havent already seen these guys you really must!! I really dont think i have ever seen something which made me laugh that much. They also do the complete american history and the complete bible, both of which i'd quite like to see.

Having a lazy day today, watching live 8 and knitting cozy which has grown a few inches since i last posted a pic.