Tuesday, June 14


Thankyou so much to those who left such kind comments, hearing from you really helped.
The past couple of days have been very hard but pixel was clearly not right from the very beginning, i had just hoped that it was the fleas and worms making him ill and once we'd eliminated them he'd be fine. Unfortunately it seems as though he obviously had something rather more sinister, either lukemia or a heart defect. As it was 7.00 o clock in the morning on a sunday we couldnt get him to vet as the only one available was on the other side of newcastle and we knew he wouldnt make the journey. Watching a seven week old kitten die is one of the hardest things ive ever had to do.

Chris took me to a wool shop yesterday to try and cheer me up, it was one i had seen advertised in simply knitting. I came home with enough wool to start the Cosy shawl from knitty. I thought i'd jump on the 'summer of lace' bandwagon. It helped to get out of the house as every little thing reminds me of him and what he went through.

I called the shelter i got pixel from yesterday thinking the owners of the other kittens from the same litter may want to be informed but he didnt seem very concerned. He offered me my donation back or another kitten free of charge by way of apology. It seems like his shelter is more of a business than a charitable organisation. I am not very impressed with him at all, especially since he told he the kittens were all checked by a vet and any vet worth his salt would have at least de-flead and de-wormed them. Needless to say i did not take him up on his offer.

Instead i rang the Cats Protection branch in Newcastle and subject to a home visit they will put us on a list to receive another kitten from them. They de-flea de-worm and blood test all the kittens they get so you know that your getting a healthy cat from them. I couldnt bear go through what happened to pixel again so we've decided not to risk the shelters anymore and only take one from them. Its frustrating because we dont feel particularly ready to take on another kitten so soon but the cats protection will only rehome to people who have someone at home duing the day to help them settle in. As im not working yet now is the ideal time.

And finally, an apology to my secret pal, i received your first parcel on saturday and i absolutely love it! thankyou! im so sorry i havent been in touch to thank you sooner! For everyone else, here are the contents of that parcel! Apologies that the pic is so dark i took it last night.

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Becky said...

Oh Emily - that must have been just so awful for you, I'm so sorry that you had to go through something so dreadful. I can't believe that man, how awful that he didn't seem concerned.

I know it will be hard to take on another kitten right now, but as you say this one will have been fully checked out and should be happy and healthy with you.

Good luck, whatever you decide to do.