Friday, June 17


We went to see the selection of kittens the lady from the cats protection was caring for and oh my god do i envy her. She had about 15 from about three different litters running around. they were so active, jumping on everything and each other. They were adorable! We picked out a little tabby and white queen who will be ready to be rehomed next friday. I fell in love with a little ginger stripey tom but chris doesnt like ginger cats :( I dont understand why. So our problem is now, what to name her! we hadn't thought we'd get a girl and we'd had the name pixel picked out for ages but i dont feel like we can re-use the name that would be denying his existance altogether. At the moment we have Molly as our favourite suggestion But if anyone can think of anything better leave a comment with your suggestion.

I have started the cosy shawl now, i'll try to remember to post a pick at some point.


blueadt said...

We've got 4 cats - Tia - black & white queen, Monet - Torti queen, Morris - tabby & white male & Pam (his sister) - tabby & white. Is she mainly white or tabby? I've always fancied the name Doris for a tabby with white paws & bib.

minxxy said...

what about Spicy?

Anonymous said...

How about Dot -- short for "Dots per Inch" -- sort of related to Pixel. ;-)