Wednesday, June 15

Moving On

I received a letter this morning from the shelter we got pixel from. He enclosed a refund of the donation i gave and a little note.. He explained that pixel had been found in a certain area of newcastle which had a particularly high risk of FIV and FLV (feline aids and lukemia). If he knew this why didnt he at least tell me, or get the kittens checked?! He makes me very cross and he obviously felt guilty as he returned my cheque even though i said to keep it.

But we're moving on from our grievances once again i am ignoring his offer of a kitten free of charge and today i received a visit from a fosterer who works for the Cats Protection. She came to meet me and to check out our home to ensure we would be suitable to take one of her kittens. Chris gets in from work around six so we're going straight to hers to have a look at the kittens. She has a few which will be ready for rehoming next week.

In other news i graduated from my degree with a 2:2 which was slightly disappointing but at least its all over now.


blueadt said...

I bet you can't wait for Chris to get home! I look forward to hearing about your new kitten. It wasn't fair of the shelter guy not to be honest re the health of the kitten but at least he wrote to you & explained.

Becky said...

I'm pleased you've decided to have a look at another kitten - I'm sure it will all work out this time.

Hey - all the best people get 2:2 degrees in Archaeology with another subject - so don't fret. As you say, the main thing now is that it is over and you can move on.