Thursday, June 9

Mass Update!

Ok in knitting news i have restarted the lucky clover wrap which is shown below. It seems to be going a lot better this time, that is if you ignore the fairly obvious fact that my top row of clovers in the picture are one stitch too far to the left... But im hoping that as is at the bottom on the back you wont ever notice it!

And here is the progress ive made with my sister's scarf which by all rights should be finished by now except i have been very distracted by the little someone featured in the following pics..

Here is some gorgeous lace weight mohair which i purhcased from Fyberspates.

And here is the distraction i was referring to! His name is Pixel and he is 7weeks old, i picked him up from a cat shelter on monday. Isnt he adorable?

We've had a few teething problems with the little guy though.. Firstly our other cat scooter is afraid of him which makes no sense at all. Poor pixel keeps bounding up to him to say hello and scooter just runs away. Secondly he was quite heavily covered in fleas (much to my horror) and rather annoyingly all flea products cant be used on kittens below 12 weeks. But i was assured by a pet shop owner that if used very sparingly he should be ok. So ive been powdering him and going through his fur with a flea comb which is pretty much just a nit comb. Anyway i think i finally havethat one under control. However our third issue is the fact that he is not litter trained and seems to only like going on soft things.. i.e. our bed. However with much encouragement i woke up this morning to find he had used the tray and i was thrilled to say the least!
And here's another piccie, isnt he tiny!! Expect to see lots more pics in the near future!

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blueadt said...

He's so cute. Our cats are really old now (1 x 18yrs & 3 x 14 yrs) & it seems such a long time ago that they were that young.

If he finds a corner or similiar to use instead of his tray you could try putting a dish of food there - cats won't mess where they eat.