Thursday, June 2

First contact with my secret pal!

Look at the picture which was on the yahoo ecard my secret pal sent me! Isnt it adorable?

My exam seemed to go well yesterday but instead of getting drunk like a typical student i cane home and fell asleep i was so exhausted! I dont think ive had a good nights sleep in weeks because ive been worrying but as of yesterday it was all officially over with and i guess im no longer a student! which is a scary thought!
So this evening i will be sat on a train heading back up to newcastle, i cant wait to be home! Im going to stay with my mum and dad tonight and tomorrow before heading back to my flat cos i havent seen them in ages.
My sisters scarf is progressing slowly but now my exams are over im free to knit without feeling guilty and if i knit solidly on the train i'll probably get it finished!

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