Thursday, June 23

Cosy shawl

Here is my progress with the cosy shawl (pattern from knitty). The pattern uses 100% silk but instead i decided to make it thicker and warmer so i used Rowan yorkshire Tweed which is a really nice wool, i love tweedy yarns.

This is a close up of the feather stitch pattern. Im going to stretch it out a bit in the blocking process though because i think it will show off the pattern better.
close up

Im hoping it's going to be perfect for those summer evenings when its getting cooler and you still want to be outside. Its such beautiful weather at the moment i doubt it will be needed for a while yet which is probably a good thing as its no-where near finished yet.

Thankyou for the name suggestions i received. Im picking her up tomorrow and we've deicided to wait and see what she's like a bit more before we name her. Perhaps try out the variety of suggestions and see which one she responds to best!


blueadt said...

I mentioned your naming situtation to my DH & also told him about Pixel. He suggested Dippy from dpi.


The Cozy is looking gorgeous, I love Yorkshire Tweed and I think it is excellent for chunkier lacey patterns. Nice one.