Tuesday, June 28

Catnip Cushions

Thought i'd show you the cat nip cushion i knitted up then felted for Molly, well it's a good excuse to post more pictures of her anyway!

And after a long session of rubbing her face against it and generally trying to destroy it she fell asleep... on a box of treats i'd left lying out. Think that is a hint?

She's settling in better and better each day but at the moment my paranoias are creeping into my dreams. The past few nights ive been plagued by dreams in which something awful happens to Molly. I know it's just because of what happened with Pixel but every morning at around 6.00 AM i wake up and go in search of her around the flat just to make sure she is ok. She always is of course so hopefully it will pass soon and i can get a good nights sleep!


blueadt said...

She's beautiful. Have you started a pi bed for her yet?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little kitty! Thanks for the pix!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, she remminds me of sage when he was that age. If you do knit pi, I bet she won't sleep in it! But she will if it's a very expensive shawl that took you years to make, cats are funny like that!!

Jess said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I so love your kitty! My cat covers her eyes with her paws like that when she is asleep too.

I am sorry about Pixel too, but he got to be with you and experience a loving home for a little while.


Emily - I didn't realise you'd got a blog! Congrats! Let's meet up in Newcastle soon eh?