Tuesday, June 28

Catnip Cushions

Thought i'd show you the cat nip cushion i knitted up then felted for Molly, well it's a good excuse to post more pictures of her anyway!

And after a long session of rubbing her face against it and generally trying to destroy it she fell asleep... on a box of treats i'd left lying out. Think that is a hint?

She's settling in better and better each day but at the moment my paranoias are creeping into my dreams. The past few nights ive been plagued by dreams in which something awful happens to Molly. I know it's just because of what happened with Pixel but every morning at around 6.00 AM i wake up and go in search of her around the flat just to make sure she is ok. She always is of course so hopefully it will pass soon and i can get a good nights sleep!

Monday, June 27

Here She is..

Well here is the little cutie, ive kinda been putting off posting a picture of her as i dont want to jinx her. She was very nervous when i first brought her home she wouldnt let us go near her but we have made a lot of progress over the weekend. She doesnt like being picked up or held very much but she purrs her little heart out when you stroke her. She now comes over to us for attention instead of hiding! She plays constantly and loves to pounce on our other cat scooter, he isnt so impressed by this!
This is the reason ive hardly managed to do any knitting over the weekend, she keeps pouncing on my needle ends as they move! Either that or she attacks the ball of wool! I did get a small project for her underway though... She has pretty much destroyed the catnip toy i made for scooter so i decided i should make another one out of tougher material. So i have loosely knit up a rectangle of knitting to chuck in the washing machine to felt. I figured it might be a more durable fabric for her destructive little kitten claws! I'll let you know how that one goes when it's finished.
On the name front, thankyou for all the suggestions but it seems as if Molly has stuck. Even though i wanted to call her daisy.. chris doesnt like that one.

Thursday, June 23

Cosy shawl

Here is my progress with the cosy shawl (pattern from knitty). The pattern uses 100% silk but instead i decided to make it thicker and warmer so i used Rowan yorkshire Tweed which is a really nice wool, i love tweedy yarns.

This is a close up of the feather stitch pattern. Im going to stretch it out a bit in the blocking process though because i think it will show off the pattern better.
close up

Im hoping it's going to be perfect for those summer evenings when its getting cooler and you still want to be outside. Its such beautiful weather at the moment i doubt it will be needed for a while yet which is probably a good thing as its no-where near finished yet.

Thankyou for the name suggestions i received. Im picking her up tomorrow and we've deicided to wait and see what she's like a bit more before we name her. Perhaps try out the variety of suggestions and see which one she responds to best!

Friday, June 17


We went to see the selection of kittens the lady from the cats protection was caring for and oh my god do i envy her. She had about 15 from about three different litters running around. they were so active, jumping on everything and each other. They were adorable! We picked out a little tabby and white queen who will be ready to be rehomed next friday. I fell in love with a little ginger stripey tom but chris doesnt like ginger cats :( I dont understand why. So our problem is now, what to name her! we hadn't thought we'd get a girl and we'd had the name pixel picked out for ages but i dont feel like we can re-use the name that would be denying his existance altogether. At the moment we have Molly as our favourite suggestion But if anyone can think of anything better leave a comment with your suggestion.

I have started the cosy shawl now, i'll try to remember to post a pick at some point.

Wednesday, June 15

Moving On

I received a letter this morning from the shelter we got pixel from. He enclosed a refund of the donation i gave and a little note.. He explained that pixel had been found in a certain area of newcastle which had a particularly high risk of FIV and FLV (feline aids and lukemia). If he knew this why didnt he at least tell me, or get the kittens checked?! He makes me very cross and he obviously felt guilty as he returned my cheque even though i said to keep it.

But we're moving on from our grievances once again i am ignoring his offer of a kitten free of charge and today i received a visit from a fosterer who works for the Cats Protection. She came to meet me and to check out our home to ensure we would be suitable to take one of her kittens. Chris gets in from work around six so we're going straight to hers to have a look at the kittens. She has a few which will be ready for rehoming next week.

In other news i graduated from my degree with a 2:2 which was slightly disappointing but at least its all over now.

Tuesday, June 14


Thankyou so much to those who left such kind comments, hearing from you really helped.
The past couple of days have been very hard but pixel was clearly not right from the very beginning, i had just hoped that it was the fleas and worms making him ill and once we'd eliminated them he'd be fine. Unfortunately it seems as though he obviously had something rather more sinister, either lukemia or a heart defect. As it was 7.00 o clock in the morning on a sunday we couldnt get him to vet as the only one available was on the other side of newcastle and we knew he wouldnt make the journey. Watching a seven week old kitten die is one of the hardest things ive ever had to do.

Chris took me to a wool shop yesterday to try and cheer me up, it was one i had seen advertised in simply knitting. I came home with enough wool to start the Cosy shawl from knitty. I thought i'd jump on the 'summer of lace' bandwagon. It helped to get out of the house as every little thing reminds me of him and what he went through.

I called the shelter i got pixel from yesterday thinking the owners of the other kittens from the same litter may want to be informed but he didnt seem very concerned. He offered me my donation back or another kitten free of charge by way of apology. It seems like his shelter is more of a business than a charitable organisation. I am not very impressed with him at all, especially since he told he the kittens were all checked by a vet and any vet worth his salt would have at least de-flead and de-wormed them. Needless to say i did not take him up on his offer.

Instead i rang the Cats Protection branch in Newcastle and subject to a home visit they will put us on a list to receive another kitten from them. They de-flea de-worm and blood test all the kittens they get so you know that your getting a healthy cat from them. I couldnt bear go through what happened to pixel again so we've decided not to risk the shelters anymore and only take one from them. Its frustrating because we dont feel particularly ready to take on another kitten so soon but the cats protection will only rehome to people who have someone at home duing the day to help them settle in. As im not working yet now is the ideal time.

And finally, an apology to my secret pal, i received your first parcel on saturday and i absolutely love it! thankyou! im so sorry i havent been in touch to thank you sooner! For everyone else, here are the contents of that parcel! Apologies that the pic is so dark i took it last night.

Monday, June 13

A very black sunday

Sadly Pixel got very ill early yesterday morning and passed away.

R.I.P. Pixel..

Thursday, June 9

Mass Update!

Ok in knitting news i have restarted the lucky clover wrap which is shown below. It seems to be going a lot better this time, that is if you ignore the fairly obvious fact that my top row of clovers in the picture are one stitch too far to the left... But im hoping that as is at the bottom on the back you wont ever notice it!

And here is the progress ive made with my sister's scarf which by all rights should be finished by now except i have been very distracted by the little someone featured in the following pics..

Here is some gorgeous lace weight mohair which i purhcased from Fyberspates.

And here is the distraction i was referring to! His name is Pixel and he is 7weeks old, i picked him up from a cat shelter on monday. Isnt he adorable?

We've had a few teething problems with the little guy though.. Firstly our other cat scooter is afraid of him which makes no sense at all. Poor pixel keeps bounding up to him to say hello and scooter just runs away. Secondly he was quite heavily covered in fleas (much to my horror) and rather annoyingly all flea products cant be used on kittens below 12 weeks. But i was assured by a pet shop owner that if used very sparingly he should be ok. So ive been powdering him and going through his fur with a flea comb which is pretty much just a nit comb. Anyway i think i finally havethat one under control. However our third issue is the fact that he is not litter trained and seems to only like going on soft things.. i.e. our bed. However with much encouragement i woke up this morning to find he had used the tray and i was thrilled to say the least!
And here's another piccie, isnt he tiny!! Expect to see lots more pics in the near future!

Saturday, June 4

Im Home!!!

Just a quick post from my new home here in newcastle! It is so damn good to be home. Chris has been a very good boyfriend and while ive been away a multitude of DIY has been acomplished! Our first place together is now looking really good and right now im feeling so positive about the rest of my life, i cant wait! He even bought me wine and my favourite flowers to celebrate me being home at last!

Now all i need is a job....

Thursday, June 2

First contact with my secret pal!

Look at the picture which was on the yahoo ecard my secret pal sent me! Isnt it adorable?

My exam seemed to go well yesterday but instead of getting drunk like a typical student i cane home and fell asleep i was so exhausted! I dont think ive had a good nights sleep in weeks because ive been worrying but as of yesterday it was all officially over with and i guess im no longer a student! which is a scary thought!
So this evening i will be sat on a train heading back up to newcastle, i cant wait to be home! Im going to stay with my mum and dad tonight and tomorrow before heading back to my flat cos i havent seen them in ages.
My sisters scarf is progressing slowly but now my exams are over im free to knit without feeling guilty and if i knit solidly on the train i'll probably get it finished!