Wednesday, May 25

Pre-felted Bag

Ok here is my Booga bag pre-felting!

Ive actually felted it since taking this picture and it looks really good but i'll post a picture of the finished article once it has finished blocking and ive fixed the i-cord in place! I thought i was going to have to wash it a few times but i threw it in this afternoon with some towels on a 60 degree wash and it came out pretty much done! I dont think i'll have to wash it again as i think if i did it would come out tiny! the amount it shrank already! I cant wait to show you!

Next exam is tomorrow... so any positive vibes you have going spare i would be grateful if you could send them my way!!

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blueadt said...

Good luck in your exam - I'm sure you'll be fine. I remember my finals - I REALLY didn't enjoy them.