Saturday, May 28

Ooohh cashmere...

Well with the completion of my bag i was faced with a decision, to return to the clover wrap or find another small project to fill time with. Of course i went with the latter. So yesterday i trekked into town to browse wool. The project i had in mind was the simple scarf from Simply knitting issue one, the article was all about how one scarf can look completely different using three completely different types of wool. I intially decided to use rowan kid silk classic but when i got there i found they had a very limited range of colours so i browsed for something else. In the end i picked up a few balls of Rowan's Cashcotton in the lovely colour you see below!

Ive never used this yarn before but fell in love with it as soon as i picked it up, its soo soft!! I'd originally planned to put this scarf to one side and gift it to my sister as its her birthday in july. However the more this scarf progresses the more i get the feeling i may have to make two. Hey it's my birthday in july too!

In other news, my sister drove up from london to pick up loads of my stuff to take it to newcastle for me yesterday. Which is really exciting because it means im finally going home soon!!
Anyway, im going back to knitting my scarf, i love knitting it because i love this yarn so much!

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Steph said...

That yarn is great isn't it?! I love the colour you've chosen too.