Monday, May 9

Ok now im panicking!

I have an assessed presentation at 9.00AM and im scared!!! My lovely physics studying housemate kindly sat and worked out how much of my entire degree this one presentation counted towards.... One sixth!! That may not seem a lot to you but right now it seems like a scarily large amount to me! Especially when its almost midnight and I haven't prepared my prompt yet or even read it through once! My powerpoint is finished as is my handout so maybe I'll get some sleep tonight. If I can! I get myself so worked up about these things! So I thought I'd come on here and have a bit of a vent about it all. I apologise to anyone out there who reads my blog.
No doubt if i cant sleep a little stocking stitch will soothe my nerves, so ive left it by my bed just in case.

Wish me luck!!


blueadt said...

Good luck it won't be as bad as you've worked it up to be.

Anonymous said...

hello Emily!
Thanks for commenting on my blog,good luck on your presentation, knitting is great for calming exam nerves, it always helps me to read and knit at the same time, it makes stuff go in better!
As for selling stuff Ebay I am always popping stuff on ebay so keep a look out, however if there is anything you fancy off my blog, email me with an offer, because I don't normally sell my hand spun on ebay because it's normally small amounts. But if you can think of something to do with it, it's yours!!
Jeni, Fyberspates.

Emily said...

Thankyou for your kind comments! It was really nice to hear from you!