Monday, May 16

More Leftovers

Thought i'd give you a peak at how the leftover tank is coming along! Speeding along with it quite nicely!

On the whole knitting this has been quite mindless as the main part of the body is worked in the round. I seperated the front and the back today to shape the armholes and i think its looking quite good. Plus keeping the stripes the correct width past the armholes isnt as fiddly as i thought it might be. I have to tie in different colours here and there but its not a big problem, im collecting little piles of various different shades to mix in..

I had a lovely weekend with Chris and wish he didnt have to go back so soon but i know its only a few weeks now till im back at home with him. Who knows by then i may even have a job! but lets not get too carried away...
My first exam is tomorrow and i dont feel like ive done anywhere near enough work but well im just going to have to wait and see what sort of questions come up. Send me good luck vibes from 2pm onwards!!! Its a 3hr exam :( i guess thats what i get for doing an arts degree.

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous tank!!
I have dyed your wool but haven't got any one to take pictures of it for me yet, however it is pretty similar to the one I sent you a picture of before!! Good luck for your exam tomorrow. I'm sure you will be fine!