Friday, May 13

Leftovers anyone?

Finally ive got some knitting to show you! This is my leftover tanktop which im knitting with noro kureyon.

It seemed to take forever to finish the ribbing as the pattern says to use two strands of yarn for the rib and it was destroying my hands trying to knit it! It was just so stiff! There were times throughout that i started thinking... do i like it, is the ribbing too thick? but i have persevered and im hoping that its going to look right once its finished. Perhaps the black yarn i used was a little too heavy, in retrospect i think i may have liked it better if it wasn't as thick, I know my hands would have preferred it! Oh the sigh of relief when the pattern said next round reduce to one strand of yarn! Then came the excitement of tying on my first skein of Noro oh how I love this wool! However I fear I may start to get a bit anal about the thickness of stripes when joining on a new skein.. We'll see, I haven't got that far yet. It is progressing a lot quicker now that im onto the main body of the work. That sad excuse for a stitch marker is a piece of chopped up straw as I don't own any proper stitch markers :( When I have more time perhaps I'll learn how to make them.

Chris is arriving in a couple of hours to visit for the weekend and I cant wait! So probably very little knitting will get done ;)

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